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Dji Sam Soe Kretek 16

Dji Sam Soe Classic
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Dji Sam Soe Classic

( Sampoerna Indonesia Clove Cigarettes 1913 )
Price: $45.00

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Blended from selected Madura tobacco and America tobacco with high quality clove and special sauces, deliver consistent taste from many generations. With 39 mg TAR 2.3 mg Nicotine. This kretek cigarette is complement for the hard worker. By smoking this cigarette, you shall immediately know what the difference. 

1 carton contains 20 packs. 1 pack contains 12 cigarettes.


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Customer Reviews:

zasuazotere  (Sunday, 24 April 2016)
Rating: 5

esettequin  (Thursday, 22 January 2015)
Rating: 5

verabeardsley  (Friday, 22 August 2014)
Rating: 5

ibreedingceli  (Friday, 26 April 2013)
Rating: 5

rtweedy694  (Thursday, 29 September 2011)
Rating: 5


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